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Assalamu’alaikum readers !!! masih ingatkah dengan saya kekeke, baiklah ya ga ingat ataupun belum tahu saya, akan kuulangi lagi perkenalannya nyahahha but use english  *plak!

 Anything about meh! 

I’m a Moeslem 🙂 

I love Allah ! 

I love our phropet Muhammad SAW ! 

I love my MOM ! I love my MOM ! I love my MOM ! 

I love my DAD ! 

I love my lil sit and bro ! 

I love all my family which I can’t mention it here ! 

I love all moeslem in the world because we’re family ! 🙂 

Allahu ghayatuna. 

Ar Rasul qudwatuna. 

Al Qur’an dusturuna. 

Al Jihad sabiluna. 

Al Mautu fi sabilillah asma amanina


Yep~ Aloha ~ how are you today? I hope you all fine here :*/there (?). Ok Let me introduce my self , My real name is IKA USWAH MILADIYAH  , My pen name is Ikucha Milady  . But usually my friends call me by my nickname UCHA/UCHU. 

And right now, I’ve become an university student in Smarang State University, English Department , Faculty of Languages and Arts.  Though this isn’t univ. that I’m dreaming of , but I think this is my destiny. I have to face it :’).

I think I’ve become adult now  :D. Well, I realize that my age is not a kid/teenage anymore. But, I don’t know why , my attitude still like them hahha it it okay right?  

Ah ya, I’m kinda what do you think about me. Why I say like that? Well, if ya think me cute then I’ll think you cute too. But, if ya think me ugly, then I’ll think you the most ugliest person I’ve ever seen *LOLZ

Umm… I’m not smart but little clever maybe LOLZ and among of my pal , I’m freaking noise, bubble mouth , and yeah a little weirdo probably (>.>). I know this is so childish but this is me. I don’t wanna change become someone else.

I love to drawing manga, sing a song *though I think my voice is worse like a horse *eh?* , writing , traveling and hang out with my friends. 

Ja! Let’s see my CRAVES , LOVES , HATES and PASSIONS.


Craves :


♥ Jannah :’)

♥ Hafidzah :’)

 Enter univ. in Europe  , Korea or Japan.

 The best lecturer ever. :’)

 Piss my stupid friends off. >:D

 Make my Mom and Dad always proud of me. :’]

 Stay by my husband side forever, someday :’)

 Graduate in 3.5 years from my univ.


Loves :


– Traveling is my drink , listening to music is my food, and surfing/browsing is my life. Eh? nooo… ~ it just side of my life. The true is writing is my drink , reading is my food and the last is trying is my life without trying we can’t do anything. :’)

– Love Strawberry-Chocolate Freeze >.<

– Love Ice Cream sooooooooooooo muuuuchhhh

– And the last I like to make a friends 🙂


Hates :


~ Stupid bad habits , something makes piss me off, smoker, liar, egoism, and waiting for something unimportant thing.



Quotes :

-> “Be yourself!”

-> “Don’t ask me about something disgusting thing. “

-> “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.”

Note: I’m sorry for my bad English !!! >.<


Well, that’s all about me. If you wanna ask me something just ask and don’t be afraid ok ! x] coz, I’m not a monster who will eat you if you ask me something LOLZ. Love ya ~ 


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