‘That Day’

That Day

Suddenly, I didn’t know why, I remembered ‘that day’.
The day when I got something that stabbed my heart.
The day that my emotion rose up.
The day that I lost control.
The day that I cursed him who made me like this.
The day that I cried like there’s no tomorrow.
The day that I couldn’t think properly.
The day that I didn’t want to see anyone in front of me.

The day  that ah… until words couldn’t express it all of my heart.
The day that I would not forget it for the rest of my life.
Should I make this story to be my narrative story and recount?
Should I make this and let my lecture know about ‘that day’?
Ah.. he promised me to not tell anyone else.
So it’s okay.
Well, it’ll be okay.
Or should I choose another story of my life?
Hmm… I should to think twice then.

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