Caged Bird

Caged Bird


I will show you how painful it was

missing the folks ,missing the songs , missing the dancing

laugh, angry , cry 


I’m dying here, almost died or have already died? 

Waiting for someone… 

who wants to open the caged. 

It’s a long long ago, you open the caged. 

To make me feel the freedom, freedom of life. 

It’s cold here. 

My heart, 

my brain, 

my blood. 

Give me some warmth , the feeling of love, 


Because I’m sick here, sick of my life. 

Please open your arms for me

your love , 

your smile. 

After I could break this cage and free

Fly back to you , to home. 

But what should I do? 

I can’t move my wings

it’s hard, 

it’s heavy. 

Or I’ve already forgot how to fly ? 

To fly back to my home. 


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